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Looking to expand your cabin when at rest or for overnight camping ?

A simple design which uses the pop-up hatch lid for forward support and a one-piece aluminum support for the rear. Since the front of the pop-top is supported by the open hatch there is no forward window or visibility. This item was designed for use when the boat is not underway. The Pop-Top series was especially designed for the Hunter sailboat line which has special accommodations for the rear aluminum support.


Available in two versions - Standard (fixed side windows) and Deluxe( side screen and roll up glass windows) . The Deluxe pop-top versions comes with two zip-in rear curtains. The first curtains is a window that zip to both the top and sides of the pop-top and snaps to the hatch boards. The second rear curtain is a screen that zip to the pop-top and drops to the cockpit floor. The standard poptop does not have the zip in rear screen but does have the rear zip in window.

The biggest advantage of the deluxe version of the pop-top cabin over the standard is the increased air circulation while still having the screen to keep out the insects.

The enclosures are made of 100% solution-dyed woven marine acrylic fabric and are available in all the Sunbrella colors.

Installation of the pop-top is easy.. All you have to do is screw the snap studs into the boat. The other side of the snap is already installed on the canvas (snap hardware included). Let us know if your boat already has snaps installed (we will send the canvas without the snaps installed and send along the canvas part of the snap)

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